Deftly the wave glides beneath me; I barely feel the transition from land to sea. Here though is where the serenity ends, within seconds I am buffeted in all directions as I attempt to drift to sleep. Helplessly I hug myself for warmth and comfort, take a deep breath and permit momentum to take over. I … Continue reading Nemesis


Gallows humour

Yeah I'm pissed off. Oh, I'm not referring to my recent incarceration; that was inevitable. I can't help myself, loose tongues will be the death of any man and my tongue has always been looser than most. Mind you my affair with the Kings' daughter probably hasn't helped my cause much either. No, what I'm … Continue reading Gallows humour


My emotions betray me, flowing uncontrollably from blameworthy eyes. The tables have turned and my vulnerability is laid bare. The show of bravado which has kept me afloat this past month has dissipated and my walk is less confident now. I would turn back were I not so wracked with guilt. Salty tears buss my cheeks … Continue reading Sayonara

Short cut alley

Uneven rain soaked cobblestones stilettos slip and slide make haste to outpace footsteps unknown, friend or foe? Lamps create silhouettes most sinister... dread. Tomorrow brand new day, new start memory recall fails repeat risky encounter through short cut alley.

Night demons

My weary mind's cranked to within an inch of insanity when the night demons visit. Their infernal tinkering makes my brain fizzle with nonsensical thoughts as I float helplessly aboard the boat of no reason through the sea fog of doubt. When a valued cogitation stows aboard the demons unite, casting it overboard to choke upon the waves. Escape … Continue reading Night demons